Saturday, December 13, 2008

We made it...the semester is over!!! And now we get a big long break, and don't have to go to school until January 5th. This break is needed. It is so nice when the semester is over because you can just chill and actually do stuff besides homework, and when the new semester starts you get to start new on your classes, which is a good feeling.

We had the opportunity to go to Orlando, FL during the Thanksgiving break. It was so much fun!! Unfortunately we were having so much fun we forgot to take pictures. I think I took two pictures the whole trip. We love Disneyworld, we are so lucky and grateful to have been able to go.


J.E. said...

Cute picture. I like Eric's hair! How nice that all your classes are over...what a relief for you guys. I'm so glad you are coming to the Christmas party. Yay! I'll see you there!

Amy said...

4.0 that's what I'm talking about baby!!
Congrats for doing so well with being newly married, a full time student and a part time employee of Old Navy.
Enjoy the snow and cold up north.
Love you guys.

J.E. said...

I'm missing you. It's been WAY tolong (Bear Lake to be exact). You should do a post of your Hawaii trip that would be awesome... and make me insanely jealous...
Hope all is going well for you guys!
Hope to see you soon!